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Cafe of Life is a full-service bodywork studio with chiropractic and massage.  We serve care to many walks of life: the busy executive, the computer engineer, the firefighters, and world-class athletes...also all ages from newbornes to your great-grand parents.

Located in the most active intersection in Boulder (28th and Pearl), we have plenty of parking right next to Turleys delicious restaurant and Whole Foods Market.  Stop, park, shop and dine all in the save visit.

Because we work to correct any problems your body has developed and then to maximize your body's strength and resilience, we offer several different types of care and types of care plans and treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Our goal is to do the best we can for your body!

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Your Cafe of Life is located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado in front of Whole Foods Market on Pearl Street.  Our wellness center provides comfortable chiropractic care from Dr Cindie Dowell and Dr Jim Roles, Boulder chiropractors, as well as amazing massage from any one of our six resident massage therapists.  Our mission is to help you live a longer, more active life...this means a happier and healthier life.  Our chiropractic approach is focused on providing precise, gentle care that gets to the source - thereby providing you with a body that can perform at its best, with lots of energy while you feel great...who else wants more of that?! At the Cafe of Life, we actually serve no foo! Our name is actually to help rethink were health and living begin... from YOU!

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